Press releases

Innovations in 2022:

Tracing the Past e.V., a non-profit memorial organization, is pleased to present a new version of Mapping the Lives — the digital place of remembrance of those persecuted by the Nazi regime: Besides substantial expansion (from around 406,000 to over 950,000 entries so far), the new version offers major improvements in operation and functionality. Our nonprofit is currently busy adding circa 100,000 residential addresses from the German deportation lists to the database system in order to specify biographical key data of individuals and make them available to the public.

With the new version of our project, memorial sites, museums, and other relevant projects now have the opportunity to integrate a version of the Mapping the Lives map into their own websites and set up links to their own entries. As a next technical step, we plan to set up a crowdsourcing platform moderated according to academic standards, which will also give private individuals, such as relatives, the opportunity to share information about persecuted people and in this way contribute to their memory in the digital/public space.