Cooperation opportunities

With the latest version of Mapping the Lives we have added the functionality to embed our map into another website and preset specific parameters on load.

How this might look, can be seen here on the Memorial Book of the Munich City Archive.

The available presets include the maps viewframe as well as all search parameters available through the advanced search.

Through this we want to allow all interested memorial sites, museums and archives to use our visualisations free of charge and with as little amount of work on their side as possible.

Should your organisation be interested in a cooperation send us an email to:

Our plans for the future are to make our database accessible for all our partners, so that they can input and extend the available entries by themselves. This should allow us to offer references to the source material and direct users to the original material more easily. Thous helping to make the work of our cooperation partners more visible.

Furthermore we can offer interested researchers along the publicly accessible tool, one that offers more in-depth capabilities. Where one can adjust search queries more precisely and has greater visualisation options. (As seen in the exemplary screenshots showing emigrations destinations and deportations to Dachau).